Child Smoking – Stop Your Kid from Taking the Lure

Is your child smoking? Actually there are many things that children will be exposed to during their entire course of life that you never expect your child to get involved in. One of such quite obvious thing is smoking.

It has been estimated that almost 5000 kids every day try their first cigarette and almost 2000 kids under 18 years of age are becoming regular smokers. So, it becomes quite essential for you to protect your child from taking bait of smoking.

Dealing with child smoking

Unfortunately, the society around us makes it hard for your child to decide what is good and what is bad. Peer pressure, especially in child smoking aspect, makes it tough for children to distinguish between good things and bad things in life. However, being a parent it is very essential for you to make your child take right decisions, keep an eye on their habits and routine lifestyle.

Luckily, if your child is in initial stages, it can be quite easy for you to help him stop. Just follow these tips to deal with and prevent child smoking.

1. Quit smoking first

Before you take any step further to prevent child smoking, if you have the habit of smoking yourself, quit from it first. Most of the time children try to copy their parents in many aspects including smoking. So, if you seriously want to prevent your child from smoking, this is the most important step that you should consider.

2. Be friendly

When you try to maintain friend like relationship with your child, they feel more comfortable with you to talk openly about their likes and dislikes including their urge or feelings to smoke. Even this can help you to know about what they found interesting or attractive in smoking and reasons behind your child’s smoking habit.

3. Remind them the dangers of smoking

One of the main keys to stop children from smoking is to remind them about the most dangerous health consequences of smoking. Make sure that they understand better what they are doing to their body with every puff and how harmful is child smoking.

4. Clear off fake glamorization of smoking

Most of the girls start smoking because they believe that smoking will help them to stay slim and lose weight. However, though it is true to some extent, with very little effect on weight, smoking can have very stern effects on overall health. So, explain it clearly and stop your child’s smoking habit.

5. Help them to handle peer pressure

In most cases of child smoking, children start taking cigarettes since it is offered by their best friends and feel forced to take it. This is one of the most powerful forces for child smoking that leads to many dangerous and unexpected consequences in your child’s life. So, explain and train your kids to say no to smoking in much pleasant way and suggest your child to stay away from smoking, tobacco and other harmful things.


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