Facing Problems With Child Behavior? Time Outs To Discipline Your Child!

Are you facing problems with your child behavior?

Time-outs are used to decrease undesirable child behavior.

So, what is exactly a time-out?

Time-out means time out from any rewarding or fun experiences.

Time-out! Select the place for time-out.

The time-out area should be easily accessible and the location should be in such a way that the child can be monitored easily.Time Out Child Behavior

If you have shorter periods of time-out such as five to ten minutes, it will be effective rather than longer periods such as half an hour.

Time-out procedure should be real and you have to stick to it. You should explain to your child that he is in time-out period and he should face the situation. You should not allow your child to further discuss about it.

Do not allow your child to talk during the time-out. You should also not communicate with your child in any way. You should not allow your child to play with toys, watch television or play games. If your child is violating time-out, reset the clock for another time-out period.

You can control your child behavior by these time-outs. There are many approaches in handling resistance to time-out. Tell your child that you will count three and they should be in time-out otherwise the time will be doubled.

Select an object or activity which can be taken away so that the child will not be allowed to play with a certain object or watch television until the time-out has been completed. For effective discipline and controlling child behavior, three things are essential: positive, love and supportive relationship between you and your child.

Use positive reinforcement to increase good child behavior and avoid punishments to eliminate the undesirable child behavior. Following the three things are essential for disciplining your child.

Parental discipline regarding time-outs for child behavior varies widely. Do not disagree about discipline with your spouse in front of your kids. You should be consistent in rewarding or punishing in child behavior.

You should be prepared with what type of behavior is acceptable and what is unacceptable. The child should also know what to expect from the unacceptable behavior. Remember that your behavior serves as the model for your child behavior.

Firm discipline should be followed. Whenever your child behaves inappropriately, you should tell the consequences.

You can find many advantages by time-outs. You can eliminate the yelling and screaming by you and your spouse. If you are consistent with the time-outs, physical punishments can be reduced.

Time-out helps your child to accept their own responsibility for their undesirable behavior. It is not a form of parent giving punishment to child but child punishing himself.

Time-outs to control child behavior helps your child to learn more self control and will be able to learn to differentiate what is acceptable behavior and what is not.

When you introduce time-out method, it results in increased negative child behavior. You should accept the child behavior and do not respond. This way, the child undesirable behavior diminishes or disappears.

Time-out method is highly effective in the long-term strategy. It is difficult for you to ignore the child during the negative behavior of child. But, you should control your own emotions otherwise time-out method results in a failure. Provide consistency in disciplining your child behavior. It enhances and develops your relationship with your child.


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