Is The Impact of Video Games On Your Child Positive Or Negative?

Today, parents are more concerned about the long-lasting impact of video games on their children.

Video game is a communicating device between user interface and video display unit to generate visual effects.

Video games have been around for years and are becoming more and more controversial as years are passing.

Both positive and negative aspects are involved when children use video games.Video Games

It improves the player’s manual skills and computer knowledge. This improving technology is also providing the players a realistic experience of playing virtually through graphical techniques and improves the eye-hand coordination.

Video games can develop the mathematical skills in children. Since for every game the kid tries to reach the next level, he will eagerly count the points that he earned. In this way, even a mathematics-resisted kid can able to improve the mathematical skills.

Apart from these positive effects, video games are so seductive that they stimulate the sensory portions of children’s brain. Numerous researches even focused on the negative impact of video games on children and found the adverse effect of aggressive behavior on children, especially with the violent games.

The period of time children spend on video games, also plays a role to increase the aggressive behavior. Spending most of the time on video games tends the children to go through a personality transformation and emerges them into nearly an otherworldly state.

In addition to this aggressive behavior, the use of video games by children for a longer period of time tend to desensitize to violence, decline in progress at school, argue with their parents, teachers, and others, decrease in attention span, fight with their peers, and are labeled as antagonist for their violent acts.

How To Avoid Negative Impact Of Video Games On Your Children?

Age is more important for playing video games. As a parent, allow your child to play only age?appropriate games.

Children below age 3 should not be allowed to play video games, as they are not appropriate for these children. The hands and arms of these children will not develop properly during this age period and there are chances of damage to the tendons in the hands and arms.

There are some pre-school games for children of age around 3. Allow your children to play such games, as they will not be violent. Also, make sure that the younger children are not playing the games of older ones.

The parents need to maintain the strict timing limits on number of hours for the children to play video games. Do not allow your children play video games more than half an hour as playing for hours together makes your children lose social skills necessary for triumph in school and life.

Being a parent, you should control the amount of time playing and content. Allow your children to play video games only after completing their homework properly. Also, see if your children are behaving politely with good manners.

You also need to observe your children from time to time for any affect of these video games on your children. Keep an eye on your children on what type of games they are playing.


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