Mother’s Pre-Pregnancy Weight Not Linked to Kids’ Behavior Problems

In recent times, there has been research that indicates a link between behavioral problems among kids (including problems with intellectual development, ADHD risk, and other problems with behavior) and the pre-pregnancy weight of the mother, however a new study has indicated to the contrary. A new Dutch-British study found there to be no co-relation between the pre-pregnancy weight and behavioral problems among children.

Researchers found that if any link was seen to exist, this could be explained by other factors such as the fact that overweight women tend to be of lower economic strata and have less education than those women who have normal weight.

This new study finds that it is not the mother’s extra pounds that affect fetal development or cognitive skills of the children or their behavior, as other research has sought to suggest.

There are still plenty of reasons for women to be of normal weight when they get pregnant – there are fewer complication risks for mother and baby alike.

There is lowered risk of preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, having to undergo a C section and so on. Equally there is a better chance of the baby being born of normal weight.

If women are already overweight at the time they conceive, there is reason to keep weight gain to a minimum.


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