‘Superheroes’ Are Not Good Role Models For Boys

The strong and omnipotent super hero who goes about doling out their own brand of instant justice may be an attractive one, and one that many of us have grown up with, but psychologists are saying that superheroes may be sending the wrong message and may be the wrong image for boys to emulate.

If we are to have a society that promotes kinder, and less stereotypical male behavior, then we should not be looking to superheroes to be the inspiration for boys. According to psychologists, the Superman, Batman, and Spider man, promote violence and show vengeful tendencies in a positive light.

Whereas superheroes in days of yore had ordinary day jobs and worked for social justice, the modern superhero is different. They are more aggressive and sarcastic, and their actions are not geared towards the greater good for society.

Rather it is selfish goals that drive modern superheroes such as Iron Man. When out of the ‘super’ costume, Iron man is depicted as a playboy, who flaunts guns and bling, and even exploits women.

Researchers found that marketing strategies today, take advantage of the need that boys have to forge an identity for themselves and promote this narrow concept of ‘masculinity’.


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