Teach your Girl How to Deal with Princess Syndrome

Princess syndrome isn’t a technical term and you won’t find its definition in a medical textbook. But this doesn’t mean that this is not a common syndrome or condition. Princess syndrome is a condition in which young girls consider themselves to be living in fairy tales and only focus on the pretty things in life. For them, they are the princess of their world and are the center of everyone else’s.

Girls who suffer from this syndrome are obsessed about how they look, what they wear and how people are supposed to be nice and respectful to them.  Young kids and small girls usually start off by considering themselves to be their parent’s princesses but this syndrome can also affect them as they grow into adults. Is your daughter too suffering from the princess syndrome? If yes, then you must control it before it is too late. The following are some ways to teach your girl how to deal with the princess syndrome:

teach your girl how to deal with princess syndrome

Teach her about Dressing Right

The first way to enable your daughter to deal with the princess syndrome is to teach her how to dress appropriately. Teach her that the kind of clothes she wears defines her personality and sends out a message as well.  She should learn to dress well and decently from the very initial stages. Her sense of style must not make others feel overpowered.

Tell her that Everyone is Equal and that She is not More Important than Others

Princes syndrome often leads little girls consider themselves very important, even more than their friends and siblings. You must inculcate teachings of equality in her. Tell her that she will be treated like others and that she herself must treat her like others. This will slowly pull her out of her fairy world and into the world of reality.

Teach her to be Self-Dependent

Princess syndrome also leads young females to believe that others are there to do tasks for her and that she must not work hard in life. This makes her dependent on others. But this can prove harmful for her in the future. This is why it is important to teach your daughter to be self-dependent. Encourage her to do her own tasks and works. Teach her to learn to pick her plate from the kitchen, leave it back in the kitchen, buy groceries as she grows up, wash her own clothes etc.


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