Understand Your Toddler Behavior To Handle Toddler’s Temper Tantrums!

Toddler temper tantrum is common in the development stage. You will not understand your toddler behavior.

But put yourself in his place. You will understand that toddler has desire to do things around them.

Their mental and motor skills will develop more quickly than his ability to communicate.

As his verbal skills are not developed, he shows frustration by throwing tantrums.Toddler Behavior

Toddler behavior tantrums are two types: frustration tantrums and manipulative tantrums. If your toddler is using tantrums to get his way, give him verbal signs and use body language that says not to do tantrums. You should be aware of toddler behavior because they know how to frustrate you.

Send clear message! If you are impulsive, your toddler easily frustrates you and it ends in a screaming manner with no winner. Send a clear message by ignoring his tantrums or walk away from that place.

This makes your toddler to understand that tantrums are not acceptable. This is one of toddler discipline.

Bond with toddler! You have to understand frustrating toddler behavior. Take these frustrating and emotional outbursts as an opportunity to bond with your toddler. Comfort him and help him to get out of this situation.

Help him to accomplish the task where he is feeling frustrated. You can gain toddler’s trust this way. Direct your toddler to manageable tasks.

Communicate to understand toddler behavior! Communicate with your toddler. Sit with him and say looking into his eyes “what you want”. This encourages using words and communicating his feelings and needs to you so that he will not display anger.

Don’t take it personally! You are not responsible for toddler behavior or for stopping them. The toddler behavior is not an indication on your parenting ability. Toddler tantrums are common in the development stage.

Identify the trigger! Toddler behavior is usually worse when you are talking in the phone, super market or busy in some other way. Identify when your toddler is throwing tantrums. Keep a diary and note the incidents and situations of toddler tantrums.

Is he hungry? Is he bored? Is he sick? Is he tired? Watch the signs of tantrum. Once you notice the signs, interfere with the toddler tantrum to occur.

Stay cool! You feel embarrassed when your toddler throws tantrums in public places like super market or shopping mall. When your toddler is throwing tantrum, don’t shout on him. You should stay cool and in control.

Carry your toddler to a private place like car or bathroom where he can blow off stream, after that you can quietly settle him down.

Plan ahead! Planning is important. Shop when you are both active and rested. If he is tired don’t go for shopping or any other place to avoid tantrums. Morning times are best for good toddler behavior. Afternoons he will be hungry and tired.

A strong willed child loses control during tantrum. You have to hold him and say “you are angry and lost control and I am holding you because I love you”. After a few minutes he will melt in your arms.

Once toddler develops language skills, you can close the tantrum stage. Toddler behavior with throwing tantrums happens between two to two-and-half years age, sometimes it depends on child language development.


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