Upset With Teen Activity? Set Curfews For Safety And Moral Development!

You are sitting in front of television waiting for your teen to come. This is a common scene in every home.

Teens lose track of time and when they return home late, you are upset with teen activity and the battle begins.

Your teen feels he should be allowed to stay out later and you feel your teen home safe.

You start to set the curfew when your teen stays outside late night.

Curfew means to cover the fire. Setting curfews help your teen put out the fire in situations that could do damage.Teen Activity

Demanding independence! Once your child starts walking, he demands independence. Your child never likes to use a stroller or carrier once he starts to move. This independence grows from childhood to teenage.

You should compromise with your teen regarding teen activity and find the solution regarding curfews. You should listen to the teen requests to establish a compromise.

Set clear guidelines! Set the guidelines that contain responsibilities and consequences for teen activity. If your teen violates the guidelines, he should accept the consequences. Involve your teen in setting guidelines regarding teen activity.

Don’t overreact if your teen breaks the rules or gets into trouble. Employ the consequences which are agreed by your teen.

Time guidelines! Time guidelines depend on your teen. If your teen accepts rules and responsibilities, he will be more likely to handle the responsibility of a later curfew. If your teen avoids responsibility, earlier curfews are required to prevent further incidents and to confirm that he is capable of handling extra responsibility.

Curfews for teen activity! Allow your teen to involve in final decision. Set clear, firm and fair boundaries. Show warm and care towards your teen. Explain to your teen why curfews are set. Curfews for teen activity are set for safety and moral development and not to make his life miserable.

The curfews for teen activity should be established depending on household, teen, and his situation. Don’t avoid setting curfews because when your teen says that other friends’ parents are allowing.

Your teen can disagree with your decision but as a parent, you can enforce the rules. Don’t set the curfew consequences in such a way that your teen throws them out.

Rules should be established previously and these rules should keep the peace. Setting a curfew for teen activity does not become battle for your teen.

When you include your teen in setting rules, unnecessary arguments can be prevented. Important factors in setting curfews for your teen activity are consistency in your expectations and responses, mutual agreement of the conditions for going out, and awareness of who your teen will be with.

Even when you teen is much responsible, you have to enforce the rules. Both parents should stand together on the rules. Congratulate your teen when he comes home on time.


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