What To Do When A Child Steals?

There are a few steps you can use when dealing with a child who steals starting with talking.

If they do not stop the behavior the lack of understanding in the communication between the parent and the child may lead to more strict disciplinary actions. [child discipline]

The first method, although considered to be the easiest, is usually the most difficult and that is talking with the child.

It is wise to ask why does the child do that, but also ask whether they have been feeling neglected, because some individuals, even adults, steal because they feel invisible.

Reminding the child you care, will one again ensure the child of your undermined affection and attention.child discipline

The next step, if the child’s thievery persists, is to take away certain privileges that the child originally had, such as video games, their favorite dessert, hanging out with friends, etc.

Explain why these privileges have been removed and they will understand that once the behavior stops, so will the punishments.

Most kids feel they are unable to survive without their video games and friends, and their friends will tell them to stop the behavior so they can continue playing together.

The final method, if nothing else has worked, is to seek assistance from a therapist. Sometimes, as bad as it sounds, it is easier to discuss painful issues with a stranger.

Children can sometimes find this very beneficial and it will help repair communication rifts that both parent and child may be experiencing.

Above all, a parent must try to be patient, attentive and loving as those are the best ways to reach a child.

In essence a mom or a dad should just stop, look and listen.


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