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way to select an adoption agency

Best Way to Select an Adoption Agency

‘Adoption’ is a perennial process for both parents and children in a family that requires thorough research and networking skills in order to ensure the credibility of the agency chosen. One needs to compulsorily research on the different available options and programs while choosing an adoption agency. It is advised to take a minimum of […]

pros and cons of transracial adoptions

The Pros and Cons of Transracial Adoptions

Transracial adoptions are slowly becoming popular and refer to those kinds of adoptions where parents opt to adopt babies or children outside their own race. Doing so is an important and life changing decision and can have both pros and cons associated to it. If you too are considering transracial adoption, then you must go […]

concerns about foster care you must know about

Serious Concerns About Foster Care you must Know About

Foster care or an adoptive home is a facility where children who do not have parents live. These facilities are managed by foster care authorities who are required to look after the children until they are adopted or become adults.  Every child living in a foster care facility has the right to feel protected, secure […]

list of don’ts while speaking to your adopted children

The List of Don’ts While Speaking to your Adopted Children

While talking to adopted children, there are certain things that you should be careful about. Not only because they have come from outside to the family, but also that they need to be given enough of love, care and compassion from the surroundings so that they can start feeling everyone around as their own. Words […]

choose an adoption lawyer

How to Choose an Adoption Lawyer?

The child adoption process can be complicated and no matter, whether you are adopting privately or adopting from an agency, you will be in need of a guide or attorney to help you through the process. There are adoption agencies that coordinate between children who need adoption and parents who are looking to adopt. In […]

biggest and worst myths about adoption

The Biggest and Worst Myths about Adoption

We hear a lot about adoption, be it at a party or during a conversation at home. Adoption is often brought up on TV, radio and many other channels. But what we mostly hear about adoption is often not the real or the complete truth. There are many myths associated with adoption and these are […]

tips to bond with adopted child

6 Easy and Effective Tips to Bond with Adopted Child

Adoption is not an easy decision on the parent’s side; similarly for the adopted children it becomes awkward to accept the new set of parents. However, to gain the attachment with your adopted child there are many factors you need to keep a check on. Like, it depends on the child’s age as well as […]

ready for adoption

Top 5 Ways to Know You are Ready for Adoption

Adoption-readiness refers to a state of mind where you know you are ready to adopt a baby. Adopting a child is a big step for all parents and this step must only be taken after sufficient consideration given to many things such as financial stability, emotional readiness and willingness to raise a baby and give […]

5 Needs of America’s Poorest Children

5 Needs of America’s Poorest Children

Poverty is the single largest threat to any child’s well-being, and in the United States alone, one in every seven children lives in poverty. Dependent upon parents, caregivers and a system that are, at times, remarkably ill-equipped to deal with their very real needs, children in America can suffer greatly and unnecessarily. From its negative […]


How to be a Successful Foster Carer

When you become a foster carer with Fostering Solutions, you will receive help and support from them regarding all aspects of caring for your foster child. Setting rules, providing a stable environment and encouraging a routine for the child are all significant parts of the role. Children seeking to be fostered come from a variety […]