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Ways to Deal With a Bossy Kid

Ways to Deal With a Bossy Kid

When it comes to dealing with a bossy kid, a lot of parents are as clueless as can be. Too much of strictness might break the kid’s spirit while as completely soft hand can make the kid a despot. The balance between strictness and indulgence is a difficult one. If you have such a kid, […]

nurture your children in a better way by having pets

Nurture your Children in a Better Way by Having Pets!

Having a pet is indeed an amazing way to nurture your kids. Be it a cat, dog,fish or even a bunny or a horse, pets can always be a source of love, warmth and of course, entertainment for your kids. A child can get physical, social, emotional and cognitive development if a pet is there […]

richard ferber’s baby sleeping method

Richard Ferber’s Baby Sleeping Method

The Ferber method is devised by Richard Ferber who is also the head of the Centre for Pediatric Sleep Disorders. The Ferber method deals in managing sleep routine for babies between 3-5 months of age. The purpose of the method is to make the baby adjust with the new environment to sleep and according to […]

children cheating in school reasons and cure

Children Cheating in School – Reasons and Cure

Lying and stealing have become a common habit amongst school kids, especially teenagers; but they are extremely inappropriate behaviours and should be checked immediately to prevent further damages. Some kids have severe forms of these behaviours, which actually indicate serious psychological problem, but in most cases it’s simply a common behavioural problem that can be […]

why storytelling is important for kids

Why Storytelling is Important for Kids

Story telling is vital for a child’s development as it helps in building a strong personality in your child. Present day scenario constitutes a media based environment and most of the children and engaged with television shows and mobile applications most of the times. However, a lot of times it is found that parents find […]

know about sleep myoclonus

All you Need to Know About Sleep Myoclonus

Myoclonus refers to an involuntary, quick muscle jerk and for example hiccups are a form of myoclonus. Another example of a myoclonus occurs when you are sleeping in the form of a sudden jerk. Sleep myoclonus is definitely the most common type of a myoclonus and may awake someone from deep sleep.  The following is […]

tips to improve emotional intelligence in kids

5 Tips to Improve Emotional Intelligence in Kids

Emotional intelligence or EI is a term which is used to refer to the ability to recognize one’s own or other peoples’ emotions. This kind of intelligence helps one differentiate between feelings and label them in a correct manner.  It is very important to nurture and improve emotional intelligence in kids from as early as […]

know about pagophagia

Major Things You Need to Know about Pagophagia

Pagophagia is an eating disorder which involves eating ice and icy foodstuffs in a compulsive manner. This disorder is also sometimes associated with iron deficiency anemia and can arise due to biochemical, psychological and cultural factors. While it is true that eating ice is harmless, but it can also be a sign of a serious […]

differences between disciplining children and abusing children

Know the Differences Between Disciplining Children and Abusing Children

When it comes to disciplining children, there is a very thin line between scolding/discipline and abusing them.  Whether it is parents or teachers both need to understand the exact difference between the two and must not cross the line in any case. The government or laws of many states are very strict against child abuse, […]

building blocks in child development

The Importance of Building Blocks in Child Development

The next time you go to a toy store to buy something for your child, make sure you pick a pack of building blocks. Building blocks are not just fun toys for kids to play with but can also help them in many ways. Building blocks stimulate learning, motor skills and brain development. Such blocks […]