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How to help your kids deal with the Death of Loved Ones?

How to help your kids deal with the Death of Loved Ones?

It is difficult to deal with the death of a loved one or close kins, especially for children. The intensity of this situation mainly depends upon the age of the kids or the attachment they had with the person who is no more. In such situations, parents as well as other elders of the house […]

how childhood gets hindered due to domestic violence

How Childhood Gets Hindered Due to Domestic Violence!

Domestic violence is a grievant problem in our society. One out of three couples has domestic violence issues existing in their married life. It indeed affects the couples directly but more than this, it has a majorly negative impact on the minds of their children. Maximum numbers of children witness their mother getting abused physically […]

functional family therapy

Know all About Functional Family Therapy

Functional Family Therapy is a treatment model for youths having a criminal record or some other significant misconduct to help them have a better life by involving their families in the programme. Functional Family Therapy was a concept introduced by Dr James F. Alexander and Bruce Parsons in the year 1970.  The therapy includes conducting […]

reasons to have a second child

Top 5 Reasons to have a Second Child

After the birth of the first child, most parents feel too overwhelmed to consider having a second one. The constant pressure, the change in lifestyle and the increased expenses may motivate most to not bring a sibling for the first baby but there are many reasons why this could be the wrong decision. Having a […]

building a rapport with your adopted older child

Building A Rapport with your Adopted Older Child: How Communication Helps

It is normal for your adopted child to feel reserved when they come to an entirely different culture and environment. The food, language, clothes, discipline, toys, communications may be completely different. They need special guidance at their younger age. While it’s important to keep a note of what they want to say it’s also important […]

ways to handle your siblings hating each other

7 Ways to Handle your Siblings Hating Each Other

It is a fact and very natural for siblings to fight with one another, quarrel with one another and argue every now and then. But the situation where they truly hate each other can be tricky to deal with for the parents.  But sibling hatred must not be encouraged or tolerated and parents must make […]

Listening to Adolescent Stepchild

Being Understanding and Listening to Your Adolescent Stepchild

Teenage is a confusing time for the parents as well as the children, and if the teenager happens to be your stepchild, then it becomes a bigger challenge to you as a parent to establish an atmosphere of understanding and support to your teenage stepchild. Here you might be dealing with an adolescent who is […]


Effects of Domestic Violence on Children Facts

When two partners are living in a violent relationship, they seldom think about the effects of domestic violence on children facts. The truth is that such experiences may be more harmful for a child than the parents could ever realize and this is why parents have to think about their children first. The child’s emotions Usually […]

Facts on How Divorce Affects Children

Facts on How Divorce Affects Children

For a long time many people said that if the parents aren’t happy, the children aren’t happy so sometimes it is better to get a divorce. However, you should also think about the facts on how divorce affects children. You shouldn’t think that divorce is the easy way out. In fact (for the children) it could […]

Key Considerations When Parents Decide to Separate

Making the decision to separate from your partner is certainly not an easy one, especially if you have children to consider. But if you and your partner have made the decision to separate, there are key issues to take into consideration to make your separation as smooth and painless as possible, for you and your […]