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yummy recipes for tiny tots

Yummy Recipes for Tiny Tots!

Getting your infants and toddlers to eat solid food can be a difficult task but some nice and tasty recipes can help you provide your child with a variety of nutrients and also encourage your toddler to self-feed. Below given are some easy and healthy recipes for infants and toddlers which would be loved by […]

signs and treatments of acid reflux in infants

Signs and Treatments of Acid Reflux in Infants

Acid reflux is a common problem among infants. GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease is a condition which causes the movement of stomach content in an upwards direction. This stomach content includes acid as well and this acid tends to move into the esophagus and sometimes into or out of the mouth. In most of the […]

common health problems in infants

The Most Common Health Problems in Infants

If you are an expecting parent, then you must be prepared for childbirth or delivery and also for the various health problems that your baby may have to go through soon after birth. Infants are susceptible to several types of health problems and infections. In most cases, these conditions may subside after a while but […]

infant car seat

Tips to Buy the Best Infant Car Seat

Installing an infant car seat is an indispensable thing to do even before your baby is born, as you have to take the baby home in a vehicle, with a baby car seat securely fixed in the car. As children are more prone to be injured in crashes or accidents, attaching an infant car seat […]

communicating with Baby Cues

Understanding What Your Baby is Telling You

Babies start communicating to you about their needs before they can actually form meaningful words. Your baby starts communicating through various non- verbal ways. To understand what the baby is saying should be your first goal as a parent. Your bond with your baby strengthens when you can quickly interpret and respond to the cues […]

Child Care May Lead to Unwanted Weight Gain in Infants

Child Care May Lead to Unwanted Weight Gain in Infants

According to the new study, Infants cared for by caregivers other than their parents tend to gain more weight than children cared for by their parents. The researchers found that children receiving regular care[child care centers] from people other than their parents are also less likely to be breast-fed and more likely to be introduced […]

Infant Growth Chart - Helps To Know The Proper Development Of Your Child!

Infant Growth Chart – Helps To Know The Proper Development Of Your Child!

Infant growth chart is usually used by the doctor to know the health conditions and whether your child is growing normally or not. There are some infant growth chart facts and how they are related to your infant’s health. The infant growth chart is used by the doctor as standard part for check ups and […]

Four Tips For Your Newborn Health!

Four Tips For Your Newborn Health!

It is important to assess the newborn health for detecting any problems that are treatable in early stages. It is advantageous to have health check for your newborn before you leave the hospital that includes the hearing check. These tests could be daunting on your baby but it will give you peace of mind. Very […]

Parenting Infants For Better Development Of Your Young Ones!

Parenting Infants For Better Development Of Your Young Ones!

Parenting infants is a hard and challengening thing now-a-days. You have to meet the needs of your infants with proper care. Some of the positive tips on parenting infants are given here. You can follow them for better development of your young ones. Positive parenting infant tips: It will be soothing to your babies to […]

Steps For Caring New Born While Crying

Steps For Caring New Born While Crying

It will be awesome, exhilarating and exciting experience for you, just a few hours after the child’s birth. All your hopes, plans and dreams come together when you are close to your baby. Caring new born involves drying the baby with warm towel such that no heat is lost. You have to learn the safety […]