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children learning the arts

3 Ways You Can Support Children Learning the Arts

With school districts facing greater financial crises, programs have to get cut — and the arts among the first to go. The arts promote creativity, and give children tools through which to express themselves. If you’re a strong proponent of the arts, you can help keep them alive in your local school districts, even if […]

help today’s families stay together

Become a Family-Life Educator and Help Today’s Families Stay Together

There is no doubt that today’s families are struggling. A number of contributing factors are simply making it more difficult for families to enjoy quality time together in a safe and stress-free environment. From the ongoing sluggishness of the economy, which has caused many parents to take on a second or even a third job […]

Interesting Party Theme Ideas for Kids

Interesting Party Theme Ideas for Kids

When you become a parent, you don’t really think about how it’s going to be when the child grows. Every child wants a birthday party at some point and if the parents prepare well, these could become memories the child will never forget. For that you should be prepared with party theme ideas for kids that the kid will cherish. […]

What Is STEP or Systematic Training for Effective Parenting?

What Is STEP or Systematic Training for Effective Parenting?

Systematic Training for Effective Parenting or STEP is a parent education program developed bypsychologists Don Dinkmeyer Sr., Gary D. McKay and Don Dinkmeyer Jr. The program is published inthe form of a book series and bases itself on the works and theories of renowned psychologists. This is a highly popular work, which has been translated into many different languages. How is STEP useful for parents? […]

Help Your Children Step on the Property Ladder

From the moment our children are born, the urge to keep them safe and secure is always paramount, and we all want to do what we can for our kids. But even if we give them everything they need as they are growing up, trying to get them on the property ladder when they leave […]

What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance is a necessity in today’s world, but this doesn’t mean you cant find budget life insurance anywhere. Life insurance provides a blanket or protection for one’s dependents upon their death. Life insurance can also be used to cover funeral expenses and pay off debt even if one doesn’t have any direct dependents. No […]

Suggestions for Parents with Disabilities

Suggestions for Parents with Disabilities

When it comes to disabilities, we tend to speak of children with disabilities rather than parents with disabilities. And yet, parents with disabilities is an important issue to discuss. There tends to be an assumption that parents who are disabled are also unable to care for their child. But this is not true. Disabled parents need support […]

Pre-baby Counseling

What Is Pre-baby Counseling?

There is no indignity in admitting that parenting is a tough job; probably the toughest job that most of us will ever do. As such, parenting can be stressful and it can put pressure on a relationship. In fact many studies have been able to demonstrate that having a baby can put pressure on a […]

Parenting Class

Parenting Classes? What Can They Teach?

While most of us would be right in presuming that parenting can and should come naturally to a person, sometimes a little help here and a bit of guidance there could make all the difference. Learning tips for positive parenting, whether it is from a book, a class, or an online course could teach one […]

Some Books To Help With The Birds And Bees Chat

Some Books To Help With The Birds And Bees Chat

If you are like a lot of parents that view an impending chat with your child about the birds and bees with trepidation, here are some books that may help smooth the experience for you: Amazing You – Getting Smart about your Private Parts is meant for young children to explain how boys and girls […]