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Easy Ways to Deal With Disobedient Kids!

Easy Ways to Deal With Disobedient Kids!

Dealing with disobedient kids is a very common problem which most of the parents face these days and it becomes a very tough task to teach discipline and obedience to such kids. Parents often yell, lecture, scold or spank children out of frustration or else punish them for disobedience, but this is not really the […]

best eco-friendly parenting tips

The Best Eco-Friendly Parenting Tips

Pregnancy can be a great time to start following eco friendly practices for a healthier planet and to kick-start eco friendly parenting. There are many ways you can contribute to the welfare of the planet and the surroundings around you during this phase and even after. From choosing housecleaners carefully to choosing safe paints, there […]

connecting with your child through art and music

Connecting with your Child through Art and Music

Whether you’re creating a full home-school curriculum or just wish to bond with your kids on a rainy day, arts, crafts, and musical activities are a great way to get involved. Art plays an important role in child development, and can also provide you with a hands-on way to connect with your little one. Here’s […]

Child Teeth

What Is the Best Toothpaste for Kids?

What is the best toothpaste for kids? The answer is any kind that they’ll use, said every parent out there. Seriously, though, although choosing a kid-friendly toothpaste isn’t difficult, the key is finding one that your little one will like and that adheres to American Dental Association and American Pediatric Association standards. Fortunately, there are […]

ways to teach children to apologize

5 Ways to Teach Children to Apologize

Apologizing is a good habit which parents must teach their children about. This not only helps them accept responsibility but also is a good habit upon which they will be judged all their lives. Children who do not apologize for their mistakes from the beginning will find it difficult to do it later on in […]

Sleep in the Digital Age

Millennial have spent much of their lives with easy access to hand held technology and personal gadgets, and nearly 80% of them have a cell phone located near their bed. This makes it difficult to unplug in a timely fashion and results in less than adequate sleep in teens and young adults. Check out this […]

ear infection in your child

7 Ways to Avoid Ear Infection in Your Child

Ear Infections is a very common illness in infants and kids after colds, which can cause serious health issues, if left unattended. An ear infection occurs when the middle ear gets inflamed, is caused by bacteria and eventually the fluid accumulates behind the eardrum. You will understand your child is having ear infection if he […]

mobile apps for better parenting

Top Mobile Apps for Better Parenting

The entire parenting scenario has changed when you compare it to what it was 20 years back. At that time your parents would be more than willing to give you a hand while you struggled to keep your job, maintained order in the house and also raise your child. But now life is busier and […]

negotiating with the young minds

Negotiating with the Young Minds

One of the virtuosities that an able parent must possess is the power of negotiation. Now, you must be wondering, “Why should you negotiate with your kid, when you can effortlessly impose your choices on them?” That is an expedient shortcut with despondent after-effects. It entails a major part of their character construction, whereby lies […]

new born with sibling

Tips to Prepare Your Child for a New Sibling

A new baby in the house changes the dynamics of the family in a lot of ways.  Before the new one arrives, it is very important for you to prepare your child for the soon-to-arrive baby. Children are often used to undivided attention of their parents and may not always be able to adjust to […]