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know about democratic parenting

Everything you Need to Know About Democratic Parenting

Raising children to become responsible and independent individuals can be very challenging. There are many different approaches to parenting which are based upon different theories and beliefs.  One of the parenting styles is democratic parenting. This is a parenting style which is ambitious and is one in which parents and children participate wholeheartedly in all […]

parenting mistakes that you might be making currently

5 Parenting Mistakes that you Might be Making Currently

In our busy schedules, hectic lifestyles and packed days, we often tend to make mistakes in one area of life which is most important to us-parenting. Being a parent is a huge responsibility and is something which must be handled carefully. A few wrong decisions here and some negligence there could have a huge impact […]

what parents can do to let kids deal with TV violence

What Parents can do to Let Kids Deal with TV Violence

There is no denying of the fact that our kids learn what they hear, what they see and what they observe. This is why TV and other forms of Media have a deep impact on them and their thinking.  A lot of shows on TV portray a great deal of violence in the form of […]

prepare daughter for periods

How to Prepare Daughter for Periods

Though most of us consider man and woman equal, we cannot defy the laws of nature and physics that sets these two variants apart in a lot of physiological ways. To name a few, most women have a sweet voice, while men are hoarse and baritone. Men get beard growth and their voice changes while […]

rear a bookworm child

Tips to Rear a Bookworm Child

“Nothing gives you as much pleasure, pain and satisfaction as storybooks. When entrapped in the maze of the lines of the alluring book, you start an exquisite journey along the pages which becomes a memorable one.” The previous lines characterize the conventional viewpoint of an avid reader. Just as much as these words stand true, […]

ways to develop social skills in children

6 Ways to Develop Social Skills in Children

Developing social skills in children is a preparation for a healthy and socially friendly future.  Social skills are not just important for the phase of childhood but also for the adult years and the best time to inculcate them is in the childhood. Some common social skills are respecting elders, expressing personal needs, communicating effectively […]

common mistakes parents do with teenagers

Check Common Mistakes Parents do with Teenagers

Parenting a teenage child can be the most stressful experience if not handled properly. You might feel you are on a roller coaster ride as you try to find a balance between the discipline you want to establish in your children’s life and help them grow into happy, adjusted adults and the resentment that you […]

Establish Morning Routine Of Your Child

Top 5 Ways To Establish Morning Routine Of Your Child

It is very important for parents to make sure that their child has an easy to follow and structured morning routine which is not only disciplines but also fun for the child to carry forward regularly. If your little one doesn’t have a fixed morning routine, then it may lead to an undisciplined life in […]

Few Popular Kids Furniture

Few Popular Kid’s Furniture and Accessories

Many parents are left perplexed with the availability of wide range of kid’s furniture that comes in different styles and shapes. Shopping for kids furniture turns risky, if you end up buying different accessories that aren’t required for decorating your kids bedroom or play room. Before buying the kid’s furniture, make sure that it reflects […]

Authoritative Parenting Style Effects on Children

Authoritative Parenting Style Effects on Children

If you are interested in the authoritative parenting style effects on children you should know that this parenting style offers a balance that no other style does. Growing up in an authoritative household centers around positive developments in all fields of life. The effects on children This parenting style is all about offering support and having high expectations. As a result of the style the children will develop […]