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advantages and disadvantages of single parenting

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Single Parenting

In the modern world, single parenting is gradually becoming quite a common thing, as a lot of estranged couples are taking up the responsibility of their kids on their own shoulders. This situation like any other situation has a few pros and cons. It makes sense to weigh the pro and cons, before you take […]

tips for single dads to raise daughters

6 Amazing Tips for Single Dads to Raise Daughters

Raising kids to grow up into responsible and well behaved children or adults is a task of great responsibility and hardwork. Parents may often come across many challenges in bringing up kids but when it comes to a single parent raising them, the difficulty level goes many notches up. It is difficult to imagine how […]

top home buying tips for single parents

Top Home Buying Tips For Single Parents

Buying a house with only one person’s income, when you have the responsibility of a child on you can be tough.  Whether it is single dads or single moms, buying a new home when you have so much else to think about can be a challenging prospect, and one about which you must go slowly […]

financial advice and tips for single parents

Financial Advice and Tips for Single Parents

For single parents, raising their children into responsible and qualified individuals can be a daunting task, one which is full of responsibility and pressure. Not only from the point of view of finances but also from the point of view of the emotional journey, the ride for single parents is tough. Financial backing and proper […]

Effects of Single Parenting on Children

Effects of Single Parenting on Children

The rate of single parenting has gone up considerably in the past 10 years. While some of the increase may be attributed to the growing number of divorces, the other reason is having children out of wedlock and then getting separated from partners. In most cases it is the mother who has to raise the […]

Child Support Sign Away Parental Rights – More About the Matter

Child Support Sign Away Parental Rights – More About the Matter

People get divorced all the time and this is something difficult for the children as well. It is possible that they don’t want to see one of the parents anymore and this is why you could be thinking about child support sign away parental rights. This usually happens in case of fathers whose children don’t want to see them. Information about giving up parental rights These […]


Single Parent Grants – Information and Resources

With the rising number of single parent families today, the subject of single parent grants assumes great importance. With the kind of financial difficulties, housing problems and other logistical difficulties that single parents can typically face, many government programs have been designed to help. Unplanned or unintended pregnancy, pregnancy outside of marriage, divorce and death […]

Benefits for Single Parents

Benefits for Single Parents You Should Know About

Being a single parent can doubtless be a challenging, even difficult task; but there are benefits for single parents that could make things somewhat easier. We look at some of the advantages that single parenthood entails; and also at the financial aid and benefits that single parents are entitled to.   Possible benefits for single […]

Single Parent

11 Tips to Cope with the Stress of Single Parenting

There are so many stresses that a single parent has to contend with – firstly there may be the fact that a divorce or a bereavement of losing a spouse has to be dealt with and come to terms with; then there is the fact that a single parent has to balance home, and work. […]

single parent dating

Single Parent Dating – Learning To Date Again

It can be tricky to get back into the dating game as a single parent, not least because of the logistical and other problems that come with being a single parent. However it is important for a parent to live as full and happy a life as possible and to see other people to that […]