Kids With Bedtime Rules Display Better Skills

If you are the sort of parent that enforces bed time rules, you may not only being getting valuable peace and quiet for yourself, you may be doing your child a favor as well. A recent study has demonstrated that enforcing bedtime rules can help in a child’s development.

Four year old preschoolers were examined in the study and it was found that those children who went to sleep regularly at the same time and also got adequate sleep of about 11 hours each night scored better on a number of different factors. They were seen to have better language abilities, early math skills and reading abilities.

While adults need between 7 and 8 hours of sleep a night, teens and young adults should ideally be getting about 9 hours of sleep a night.

8000 preschool children were involved in the study that came to this conclusion.

The study also found rather paradoxically, that those children who went to bed after 9 took longer to fall asleep but rather more predictably that they got less sleep.

According to Gloria Gaylor, researcher, it is possible to encourage setting of regular bed times by establishing bedtime routines such as book reading, storytelling etc.

A different study even found a link between adequate sleep and better athletic performance.


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