School Discipline Basics You Must Know

Once our children reach school age, the time spent in school is longer than the time spent at home. So it is important for the parents to choose the best school for their children. There are several things to consider in choosing the right school.

1. First would be the quality of education offered by the school. An expensive school may not always mean good quality of education. The educators should be well qualified. The environment should be child-friendly.

2. The policy regarding school discipline on their students is also an important factor. The ultimate goal of the school discipline is to improve the good behavior of our children.

And if in case the kids need to be disciplined[child discipline], it should coincide on how the parents give discipline to their own kids.

3. Physical punishment is not necessary to impose school discipline to its students. Unlike before wherein the traditional may have interpreted the verse that says “spare the rod and spoil the child” would mean that we have to inflict physical pain. In earlier days, educators spank their students if they misbehave.

4. Right now, it is no longer practiced. Because the laws of the country gave more stress to the rights of a child. And one of which is the right of the child to express themselves. So we can not just spank a child for any misbehavior done by them.

Nowadays, most of the schools have guidance counselors. The main objective is to get the root cause of the misbehavior of the student. School discipline means a heart-to-heart talk to the students involved.

It is not enough that you reprimand students about their misbehavior. The school guidance counselor should be able to at least explain why such action is being done by the student. To know the reason behind such misbehavior is the tasks of a guidance counselor or class adviser.

It is important to talk to the erring students before passing a judgment because school discipline cannot be readily imposed without going to the due process.

Things about discipline in school that you should know

1. School discipline should be able to correct and make sure that the students’ misbehavior would not happen again. The guidance counselor should do follow ups on the conduct of the students towards other people such as classmates or school personnel.

2. School discipline policy should be well explained to the students. So that the students will not reason out that they are unaware of some rules and school discipline policies.

School discipline must be well imposed and that every student should be treated fairly amidst the misbehavior of the kids.

3. School discipline is a system set by the school to make sure that the students while under the care of the school will be behaving well towards others. If the school discipline is effective, the students will be able to behave well whether he or she is in and out of the school premises.

The aim of school discipline is to ensure the safety of the students and to make the school environment conducive to learning and personal growth of each student enrolled in their schools.


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