3 Tips on Disciplining Toddlers

There are many people looking for how to discipline a toddler. This is especially common in first-time parents. The younger ages are the best time to set rules around the home and set up some routines. This will help their development and also aid with a quieter house. Here are just a few ways to aid with disciplining toddlers.

How to discipline a toddler tip 1 – Guide the hands

A toddler will learn by touching and feeling. This is the most responsive and developed sense and you should encourage that. You should also use this idea when it comes to objects that should not be touched. “Hot touch” can be used when it comes to boiling water or things in the kitchen. “Soft touch” can be used when your child decides to grab at everything.

Avoid snatching something off your child because it will either hurt him or her or will cause a mess – you will either cause the event that you did not want to happen or you will cause a tantrum that you have to deal with that. Use a gentle approach by asking your child to put it down.

If your child has a jar of food, offer to help get it. If it is something sharp, remind your child that it is dangerous.

Tip 2 – Do not shout

When disciplining toddlers, the worst thing that you can do is shouting at him or her. Most of the time, your child will not do something to be mean – a lot of it is helping with development.

So your child has drawn all over the walls; think in the mindset of your child. This will help your child develop motor skills and will aid with writing. Of course, it means mess for you to clean up so work on avoiding it happening next time.

Sit your toddler down and explain why drawing on the walls is naughty. Hold up a piece of paper and tell the toddler that that is what he or she needs to draw on next time. This is also the time to start giving out warnings and punishments. The first time, warn your child of what you will do if something happens again – the second time, give out the punishment.

Tip 3 – Set up boundaries

All humans work better with having boundaries in place, whether this is how far they can go or the limitations of their work. When disciplining toddlers, you will need to have some boundaries; this will give your child a chance to explore but will know when to stop and come back or when something is not safe. This will put your mind at rest and will also give your child the independence he or she will need to develop fully.

This not only keeps your child safe but also helps with the limits in life. You will not always get a yes in your life and this is something that your toddler needs to learn early on. When you are disciplining toddlers, you need to make it clear that he or she is not going to get his or her own way all of the time; this will help to prevent tantrums and will also help to set up handling rejection later in life.


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