Healthy And Delicious After School Snacks For Children

Every child would dash to the kitchen immediately after coming from school.

They’d just throw off their coat and backpack on the floors and rush to the kitchen searching for a delicious meal.

This would be the best time for parents to offer something healthy and delicious for their child.

Beneath are some easy and healthy snacks that you can prepare for your young ones after returning home from their hateful place.healthy snacks

Fresh fruit smoothies

Making fruit smoothies would be very easy than any other snacks. You can use fresh fruits like apple, watermelon, oranges, banana and also other berries. It is quite healthy and it serves like a delicious drink for your child.

Salad or veggie sandwich

To prepare salad or sandwich use fresh and healthy vegetables that contain a lot of essential vitamins and nutrients for child’s growth. In addition, use whole grain bread instead of white bread while preparing sandwiches because it contains twice as much benefit as white bread for both children and adults.


It is quite easy and quick to prepare cereal and all the children love cereal more than routine milk. So, choose a pack of cereal that includes whole grains or granola which will provide them enough energy to complete their activities and remain active throughout the whole day.


Bagels are excellent snacks for kids. Each and every bite is definitely worth taking. Add some peanut butter and some jellies on the bagels. You can use different combinations and flavors like cream cheese.

Apart from these, toaster pastries, tortilla chips and fruits dips would make a great addition to the after-school-snacks for children.


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