Healthy Eating for Kids – Teach Them Young

Parents of small children would do well to give their children a great start in life by getting them to eat healthy from the beginning. Eating right and making smart food choices should be ingrained in kids, right from the start, so that clever marketing and bombardment of advertising does not misguide them.

In order for kids to make healthy food choices, they have to be taught early on why an apple is better than a fruit roll or even apple juice.

Certain things need to be banished from homes and schools altogether – consider the fact that there is never any need for a deep fryer in kitchens, nor for sweetened and carbonated drinks to be part of anyone’s diet.

Parents and care givers should do their best to eliminate items such as artificial sweeteners, food colors, MSG (ajinomoto) and things containing high fructose corn syrup from the diet of children.

When it comes to meat, it is a good idea to make healthier choices such as grass fed beef and so on; or even for ground beef.

Other areas in which changes can be made is the sort of flour that is routinely used to make foods – white flour can be replaced with whole wheat flour for bread, pastas and buns.


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