Kids Sending The “Healthy Eating Is Cool” Message

There are obvious difficulties in making kids eat healthy; the reaction to peas and carrots has traditionally been ‘Yuck’ for a lot of kids. A lot of children do view veggies as boring and unappetizing, which is why getting them to eat healthy is such as challenge.

One of the ways in which parents can help wean children away from the burgers and fries and other junk food is to somehow change their perception of fresh fruit and vegetables. The idea is to get kids to believe that healthy eating is cool!

And that is just what this video, featuring a rap song about fruit and vegetables, tries to do. Young kids do a cool rap song called Fresh Grown where they extol the virtues of fresh grown fruit and vegetables.

Set in a grocery store and at Pepper Place Farmers’ Market, the kids are seen to be singing and dancing to the song amidst the carrots and the tomatoes.

The lyrics of the song also tell children that it is best to drink water when thirsty, and give the sodas a miss.

So go ahead and reinforce the “healthy is cool” concept in your kids; help them develop a lifelong habit of eating right.


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