How to Deal With Low Appetite in Children?

Is your child low on appetite? Establishing healthy food habits in children mainly involves developing positive view towards food and eating.

Before you start establishing healthy food habits in your child, first of all check your eating habits, as they have great influence on children.

So, when your child notices that you are enjoying your food, they will eventually start enjoying their food.

If you are seriously worried about your child’s appetite, here are few successful ways of encouraging and incorporating healthy eating habits in your child.

Make eating rewarding and fun

Do you feel that your child finishes his plate as if eating as a chore? Never let this happen with your child.

Don’t ever try to force your child to eat because forcing your child to eat can make their eating even worse. So, try to teach them an appropriate way of eating.

Seek help from doctor

When poor eating habits is a major concern for improper appetite in your child, consult any experienced pediatrician and take necessary suggestions. Your doctor can prescribe few medications that help in enhancing child’s appetite.

Teach kids appreciating food

Allow your child to take part in food preparation and assign simple chores like stirring, mixing or washing fruits and vegetables. In this way you can teach your kids the importance of foods to stay healthy.

Encourage eating fruits and vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables keep children healthy, so encourage your children to take more fruits and vegetables. Use them as snacks and cook delicious recipes using fruits and vegetables, so that your child can develop interest towards eating.


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