The Struggle to Get Kids to Eat Healthy and the Parental Guilt

Most parents are well aware of the reasons why kids shouldn’t be fed junk food – it is bad for health, weight, IQ and so on. And experts tend to hand over a lot of advice about what and how kids should be fed.

This tends to cause a lot of guilt for parents whose children refuse to eat healthy and this is a problem that is not often discussed.  If you have fed your child a burger, fries, chicken nuggets you are far from alone, says Daily Mail columnist Sandra Parsons, who admits to the difficulties of getting kids to eat healthy.

The jolly sounding suggestion is oft presented – get kids to cook with you, it will encourage them to eat healthy. But often this may not work either! The fact is that it may be a rare or even a non-existent mother, who has never ever fed her child anything processed or unhealthy and this is important to remember.

Parents, and women in particular are often made to feel inadequate and that other parents are somehow doing a better job. What is important to do is, to do the best that you can and remember that food is not the end all and be all of parenting.

If  you are spending quality time with your kids, making the effort to give them good education and values and doing other things to improve their brain and quality of life then you are doing a good job; give yourself some credit and Kudos for doing that most difficult of jobs – being a parent!


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