5 Ways to Control Your Child’s Diet

Children’s diet is the foremost concern of many parents. Unlike adults, a child is inclined towards eating unhealthy food that contains a high amount of fat and sugar. They are prone towards eating fast food, cold drinks, chocolates, etc. Thus it becomes challenging for parents to keep track of their food habits. And due to unhealthy food habits, they tend to suffer from indigestion and stomach disorders.

Thus, it is very important for a parent to keep a check on their child’s diet. Children are usually fond of innovation. So if you can make healthy food look tastier, then there are chances that your child will gulp it down. Here are a few ways to control your child’s diet.

5 Ways to Control Your Child's Diet

1. Invite them to help in preparing the meal

Introduce your kids to a vast range of vegetables available in the market. Take them out with you for shopping and ask for their help in preparing a meal. Offer them vegetables and fruits in an innovative manner. For example, if your child is not fond of milk, you can offer them a delicious fruit custard dish, which is healthy and appetizing.  Similarly, if they turn their faces by seeing blunt boiled veggies, add a little cheese to it to make it tasty.

2. Encourage them to consume water

Water is an essential component which is important for the proper functioning of our body. Lack of water can lead to dehydration and abnormality in the organ functioning. Thus encourage your kids to consume water after every two hours. Besides, water will satiate their hunger, and thus their urge to consume unhealthy food will further reduce. If they are not willing to consume water, then offer them chicken or vegetable soup (preferably a bowl).

3. Reduce sugar content

It is important to keep a check on the level of sugar content in your child’s diet. Eating a high amount of sugar enriched food can lead to cavities along with an increase in calories. Thus, replace cold drinks with healthy home-made fruit juice. Add less amount of sugar in milk or other meals and lower the consumption of chocolates. Instead, encourage kids to consume lean protein and veggies in sufficient amounts to become stronger.

4. Avoid fast food

Fast food is almost like an addiction for children. Thus, curbing it completely is difficult. You can minimize its consumption so that it has a negligible effect on your child’s health. Stop purchasing frozen processed foods which contain a high amount of salt and sugar. Instead, cook some healthy snacks at home. You can even serve a fried item but it must be home-made. Oily junk is often stale and contain germs which when enter human body can lead to a stomach disorder.

5. Engage them in physical activities

In today’s world where children are engrossed in video games and mobile apps, it is important that you encourage your children to engage in outdoor activities. This will help in balancing their physical fitness, burn the excess calories, and initiate their appetite. So when they are hungry, they will consume anything that you serve them, even healthy veggies, fruits, etc.



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