When Is Anger in Children a Problem?

Anger in children is something that is often noticed for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is just due to growing up and not understanding what is going on but there are other times that it is due to a problem or trauma that has happened. There are times that tantrums and arguments are normal but there are other things that are not signs of normal behavior.

When are tantrums anger?

This is something that is common for toddlers and is often known as the terrible twos. Tantrums in children will occur out of frustration because it is the only way that the child will know how to express it. Tantrums occur because a toddler does not want to do something or has been told that something is not possible.

However, there are times that tantrums are a bad sign of anger in children. This is usually when there is violence and aggression. There are other times when there are frequent episodes or they last a long time. This often means that there is some type of psychological problem at the same time.

Anger in older children

As children get older, they will grow out of tantrums and will start being able to show their likes, dislikes and frustrations much easier. Of course, there are still times that children will lash out and get angry, which is perfectly normal within range and depending on the situation in the baby and toddler stages.

However, this is when most mental illnesses, including anger, will become clear. This is usually when a traumatic experience or difficult event will have more impact and lead to problems with anger in children. This can become an issue for a variety of reasons, including mental illnesses like anger disorder or due to family problems.

The signs of anger in kids

It is important to look out for signs that anger is becoming a problem in your child. The first is to consider the behavior and consider just how often there are outbursts. It is also important to consider just how badly the outbursts are.

Shouting and crying because a child has not gotten their own way is common, especially at a young age; however, you need to decide whether there are risks to the safety of your child or to others.

A very common sign that anger in children is problematic is when the tantrums and outbursts go on for a long time or are very often. If children have tantrums that last for 30 minutes or longer or have more than five in a day, it is often a sign that anger is becoming an issue.

If the anger in children is allowed to continue and is not addressed, there are chances that this will continue into the teen stages and even into adulthood. This will accelerate and become a major issue and often leads to other stages of violence and danger; often putting many other people at risk. Anger is easier to deal with in children so it is important to know the signs to look out for.


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