Dealing With Irrational Fears in Children

As a natural part of child development, it is quite common for children to develop irrational fears. But, when it becomes persistent in your child’s routine, it can be a reason of concern for you.

Reasons for irrational fears in children

More often toddler has fears of separation, animals, insects, noises and also of bathing, sleeping or even using potty.

Among preschoolers, most common reasons for irrational fears include loss of parent, getting lost, monsters, animals and insects and also divorce of parents.

While many specific situations such as being chased by dog, falling or getting burned can trigger lasting irrational fear or anxiety in kids, most of these are functions of mood.

Particularly, during times of stress, these fears in children may increase and demonstrating their triggers of fears certainly releases stress out of them.

Dealing with irrational fears

Be patient with your child and talk to them regularly. Don’t be critical with your child if he is suffering with irrational fears. Take their feelings seriously and act on them accordingly.

If the problem seems to interfere with your child development and functioning, seek help from professionals and help your child to lead a better healthy life.


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