Easing Fear In Children

When children experience fear or anxiety, it’s important to teach them how to deal with these emotions so they can better handle them later in life.

The Nemours Foundation suggests how to deal with your child’s fear or anxiety:

  • Understand that your child’s fear is a real and valid emotion, and that it’s healthy — and helpful — to talk about it.
  • Don’t act as if it is wrong or silly for your child to be afraid. Instead, help the child to overcome a fear.
  • Don’t encourage children to avoid what is feared. Gently help your children deal with their fears, and allow them to slowly face what’s alarming them.
  • Teach your child ways to boost courage and self-esteem.
  • Teach your child relaxation techniques to use when he or she is afraid. Have the child envision a peaceful, happy place.

Source: Yahoo News


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