5 Tips to Improve Emotional Intelligence in Kids

Emotional intelligence or EI is a term which is used to refer to the ability to recognize one’s own or other peoples’ emotions. This kind of intelligence helps one differentiate between feelings and label them in a correct manner.  It is very important to nurture and improve emotional intelligence in kids from as early as possible to help them understand and label feelings. The following are the top 5 tips to improve EI in kids:

tips to improve emotional intelligence in kids

Acknowledge the Perspective of your Child and Empathize

It is important to acknowledge and give importance to the perspective of your child and empathize with him. Just being understood by parents helps to reduce many troubles among kids.  Empathizing doesn’t really mean that you agree but means that you understand.  This is one of the best ways to develop emotional intelligence in kids because children develop empathy by experiencing it from others.

Let them Express Themselves

Make sure you create an environment at home where kids can express themselves freely and are allowed to vent out their feelings. Disapproving of the anger or fears won’t make these emotions go away so it is best to allow them to communicate freely.  Help them label these emotions so that they can differentiate between them as they grow old.

Talk to your Child

If the child isn’t willing to talk by himself or is not the expressive types, then it is your duty to talk to him. Take out time from your busy schedule to spend it with your children and ask them how they are feeling often. This will force them to think how they are feeling and what emotions they are experiencing. Tell them about your own emotions and feelings to encourage free expression.

Teach Problem Solving

Another thing you can do is to teach your kids how to deal with their emotions and how to solve related problems.  You must initially help them solve their troubles or issues as this will encourage going ahead and solving them on their own in the future, thus improving their emotional intelligence.

Discuss your Own Problems with Him

As the child turns around 4 or 5, you can start by discussing small problems of your own with him. Try to take advice from him, just to make him feel independent and grown up. This too can help develop and improve emotional intelligence.


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