How Do You Know Your Kid Is Emotionally Balanced?

Adults often face certain signs of uncertainty about their place in life and in their case the lack of financial stability, personal issues and stress at work are the most common causes. But what happens when all the above tend to overflow in the presence of the kids?

The children’s peace of mind is very fragile and there are a few signs that explain very accurately if your kid is happy and emotionally balanced.

  • The kid shows a sense of fulfillment and self respect.
  • He displays the will to have fun.
  • He laughs with every occasion and smiles without reason.
  • Handles the stress of an exam and has the courage to go through it with confidence.
  • Finds a purpose easily and assumes the road to achieve it.
  • Starts playing games and asks you to let him invite his friends over to play with.
  • Adapts to changes, shows flexibility in decisions and respects you as a parent.
  • Is eager to finish homework and make the most of the time spent playing outside.
  • Has a lot of friends that he enjoys spending time with.
  • Shows self confidence and has a good opinion about himself and his family.

All the above elements are part of the description of a balanced young individual. If your kid is emotionally balanced it doesn’t mean that he must be with a smile on his face all day long but rather that if something upsets him, he has the courage to discuss and solve the matter.

Stressful situations may appear in the life of the most serene child. For example if your kid gets a bad mark at school you as a mom will surely be worried and think of it from a negative perspective: ‘If he continues this way he may fail the finals…what will the teacher say to me when we meet…is this my fault because I let him stay up late to see that movie?…etc.’

The fathers on the other hand will most likely say something like: ‘You have only one job and that is to learn…I am very disappointed of you…’

Such a situation will get the kid to think: ‘What will my parents say? How will I tell them?’

Such a situation will create a precedent. To you as an adult this discussion will mean nothing but a situation you would rather avoid in the future while for your kid this will pave the road for a future lack of trust as you, his parents, are concerned.

You must remember that you as an adult are allowed to fail and so is your kid. Failure, regardless in what department will naturally bring down the kid’s self confidence. This is why the kid will look at you for support and motivation.

In this case like in so many more others the emotional state of the child is conditioned by your support. As school and personal growth goes the kids need your positive feedback. If you want to see them make the best they can with their potential, make sure you prove that you believe in them.

An emotionally balanced child will find the best solution to any problem and showing your support will encourage them to maintain a positive attitude in the case of any issue that might come along their growth.


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