What Are The Effects Of Verbal Abuse On Children?

Children who suffer from verbal abuse can know the pain of those words.

If you are stressed, you might be showing that irritation on your children, but remember that this makes your children lose the confidence on themselves.

They may even unable to recognize their own talents and unable to adapt the challenges of life.

Verbal abuse on children is yelling on them with demeaning language, such as “I am ashamed of you,” “Can’t you do anything properly,” and more.abuse

It causes a psychological effect by continuous verbal harassment.

Effects of verbal abuse on children!

If you are abusive [Types of child abuse] to your child, it causes a negative self image. This is the most common cause of verbal abuse.

Your verbal abuse makes your children think like “No one likes me,” “I am fit for nothing,” “I am always wrong,” etc or it may make your children depressed and withdrawn.

If you have seen such signs in your children, then change your attitude towards your children and show them affection and love instead of abusing.

In some cases, the children show self-destructive behavior such as cutting skin with razors and other self-injurious acts, which may put your children in danger.

A recent study demonstrated that verbally abused children develop interpersonal problems, physical aggression, and delinquency at a higher rate when compared to others. Due to this aggression, they may hit other children or may quarrel with the classmates.

The main effect of verbal abuse on children is delayed development. You may see a slowdown in the physical, social, emotional, and academic development in your children. Your children may face problem with making friends, may fall behind in school career, etc.

Verbal abuse causes long-term harm on your children. It may make the children to become self destructive and depressed later in life, abuse to themselves, develop anxiety, etc.

Children do not know what they are doing, but being matured, parents should know that they should not outburst in front of children.

It is normal for parents to get angry and frustrated with their children, but having these outbursts routinely cause the children to get depressed, self destructive, etc. as described above.

If you are the one being frustrated and showing your anger outbursts on those around you routinely, then you definitely need help to avoid hurting children.

First you need to handle your outbursts by understanding the reasons behind that behavior. If you consider those, then the problem can be solved easily.

You can also avoid hurting children by eliminating the stress on your words. Also, be careful that you are not speaking to them so loudly that your words frighten your children.

Stop using the words that hurt your children and start using those words that are helpful to the children, as this makes a lot of difference in their growth. You can develop the self-esteem in children with your affection.

Since children’s future is in parent’s hands, this is one of the challenging tasks for the parents to have their children develop self-confidence and self esteem.

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