Facts about Babies Development

It may be fascinating for parents to find out facts about babies’ development. By learning about development, people will have greater insight into the world of their child and they will know what to do in order for their child to have the best start in life possible.

Facts about Babies Development

Prenatal Period

The problems that the babies encounter during the prenatal period have a great impact on their later life. One of the greatest threats is being exposed to certain kinds of chemicals, like alcohol or drugs. Genetic issues also influence the development of children.

Genes and Environmental Variables

The truth about babies’ development is that the way the genes and the environmental variables interact greatly influences the development of the child. As an example, the genes of a child can make him grow tall, but if he doesn’t have proper nutrition, he will never reach his true potential.

Parenting Styles

The facts about babies’ development also include that the parenting styles influence the child’s development. According to studies the children of authoritative parents have more success in life than the children of permissive parents who usually have problems with authority figures.

Language Development

When thinking about the truth about babies’ development we have to consider that, although it makes absolutely no sense to us, baby talk is an important starting point of language development. The exaggerated vocalizations, simple vocabulary, and high—pitched intonations make learning easier forbabies.

Stages of Language Development

According to the facts about babies’ development, the development of language occurs in stages. First there is the babbling stage, the single word stage, the two word stage and in the end the babies reach the multi word stage, which means that they are able to communicate efficiently.

Developmental Milestones

The good thing about the baby development truth is that the stages are quite predictable, and this is why the doctors use milestones. Nonetheless we have to add that all children have their own pace of development and these milestones are only guidelines, not mandatory stages.

Attachment Styles

The parents thinking about the facts about babies’ development should also consider the secureattachment styles. The development of the child is determined by the response time of their parents to the needs that they have. These children will have a higher self-esteem and they will turn out to be more empathetic than other, more “neglected” children.


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