How to Nurture Child’s Creativity?

Did you notice that your child has wonderful creativity? With development in number of skills, creativity encourages open thinking in children and also improves problem solving skills.

So, if you really want to nurture creativity in children, here are few things that you can do to encourage.

  • Most of the parents fail to realize the actual importance and value of play in child’s life. So, it is very important to ensure that you allow enough time for your child for imaginative play.
  • If your child is interested in stories, grab a paper and pen and ask your child to tell a story. Help your child if he/she is not sure about how to start. Ask her/him to describe one particular character from her favorite story book. This helps your little one to tell you more.
  • Provide enough art materials for your child and give freedom of open-ended art projects. When your child completes their creative projects, you should correct their mistakes, but don’t try to discourage them.
  • Read to your child, this is one of the best and also simplest activities that you can do to nurture creativity in children.


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