Techniques To Reduce Separation Anxiety In Child!

Anxiety in child is perfectly normal. Children become clingy as a side effect of separation anxiety.

Do not worry as it is an important part of development process.

For you, a clingy child can be emotionally challenging as well as physically tiring.

If your child is clingy for an extended period of time, child have problem to be separated from you.

There are techniques to reduce anxiety in child and nurturing independence. Paying close attention when the child is not being clingy is important.Anxiety in Child

Do the following things to reduce anxiety in child in your daily activities. The things should help to gain confidence (Tips for developing Child Self Confidence)  in child.

Techniques to be followed to reduce anxiety in child:

  • Encourage your child to do activities independently.
  • Whenever you leave the child, say good bye in a proper way. Many parents never follow this and leave abruptly thinking that saying good bye will make their child cry. You should say good bye and tell your child when you will be coming back. You can tell that I will come at the end of a favorite television show. This helps to reduce anxiety in child and wait that you will come back when you say you are.
  • If you have to separate from your child for longer period of time than before, build up to this time. When children reach kindergarten, start lengthening the amount of time that you and your child are separated. This helps your child to accustom to extended periods of separation.
  • Role reversal game will be effective in reducing anxiety in child. In this game you start holding your child tightly rather than your child. Hold your child and say don’t leave me and never go away. Do in a playful manner.
  • You can play another game with your child which involves a toy to demonstrate clingy behavior. Attach one of the toys to your child in an unbearable way. Hold the remaining toys and throw them across the room. Say to your child “you want to play with me only, not with them”. Your child reacts aggressively and throws the toy attached to him. Pick the toy back and say “you hit me accidentally, but it is ok”. This helps your child to release some of the clinginess and dependency.
  • Do not become angry or irritated with your child’s behavior (Tips for facing Child Behavior Problems). Anxiety in child can be experienced by all the children. It is natural that your child wants to be with you always.
  • Build your child’s security to reduce anxiety in child and to become comfortable being without you. Give your child love and affection. Cuddle your child. Play and spend quality time together.
  • To reduce anxiety in child, separation time must be short. If you are leaving for extended period of time, let your child get used to babysitter. Return at the same time what you have said to your child.

These techniques help to reduce anxiety in child and foster independence.


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