Why Storytelling is Important for Kids

Story telling is vital for a child’s development as it helps in building a strong personality in your child. Present day scenario constitutes a media based environment and most of the children and engaged with television shows and mobile applications most of the times. However, a lot of times it is found that parents find it easier to put on the favorite channel on television rather than reading out a story to their child.

Reciting stories to children is not a tedious job, and it increases the attachment with the child and helps the kid to develop virtual imagination. One can share incidents from memories or narrate stories from childhood. Story telling not only enhances activities as listening but also encourages creativity and aesthetics in kids.

why storytelling is important for kids

The basic importance of storytelling for kids may be discussed as follows:

Learning New Words

One of the important advantages of listening to stories is that it enables a child to learn new words and thereby helps in enhancing the child’s vocabulary.

Improves Listening Skills

Studies say that most of the children like to talk more rather than listen and this behavior is often noticed in classroom scenario. Such behaviors in children are considered improper. Hence it becomes necessary for parents to recite stories often so that their children may be groomed to become good listeners.

Aware of Own Culture and Roots

Acquainting the children with past incidents in the form of stories help them to become familiar to the different customs and traditions prevailing in the family. Listening to stories about members of the family like that of their grand-parents will help them to learn more about their origin better.

Develops Creativity and Imagination Power

Instead of watching it on visual medium a kid is able to imagine the characters and places while listening to stories. In this way children excel in the art of creativity and gains ability to think freely.

Helps to Sharpen Memory

The parents can test their children’s memory by asking them to recite the same story after a few days. They can also choose to ask their children to describe the story that has been narrated to them. In this way it not only becomes possible to boost the child’s memory but also helps to gear up their concentration power.

Better Communication

Often confused children are reluctant in asking questions. Story telling process helps children to inculcate the art of asking different questions and develops their habit to converse freely. They also succeed in gaining confidence.

Increases Knowledge

Storytelling helps to increase knowledge about various places, relationships and cultures of the world. Factual stories help children with positivity to face life.

Every child loves listening to stories. Hence every parent need to save time for their children and narrate good stories to them.


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