The Common Advantages and Disadvantages of Bilingual Education

There has always been a considerable amount of debate about the acceptance or rejection of Bilingual Education in schools. However, based upon facts, both the sides have their own justification which differs from person to person. In this write up we shall be dealing on both the common advantages and disadvantages of Bilingual Education.

advantages and disadvantages of bilingual education

Common Advantages of Bilingual Education

  • In a Bilingual Education, students are exposed to a new language, new culture and new findings and this eventually adds knowledge to him.
  • Often Bilingual Education is also considered to elevate the literacy skills and the content knowledge of the students.
  • With increased knowledge, Bilingual education can make children adapt different languages that may help them to achieve more options for a successful career.
  • Once students are able to learn the second language they become acceptable to learning more languages, thus with improved communication standards, they can have a brighter career.
  • Bilingual languages also make a person capable of producing new sounds learned from different languages. They can improve any anxieties or loneliness and improve their personalities overall.
  • Bilingual Education renders students of outstanding merit, as it makes them adaptable to learn and adjust new things easily

Common Disadvantages of Bilingual Education

  • Bilingual Languages can prove unworthy as there might be an attitude of ignorance from students who might not like to study new languages and accept new culture.
  • Often seen that when a student learns a second language, he /she loses interest to study other subjects, which can also result in an adverse effect on the overall academic development.
  • Often seen that Bilingual Education suffers a great deal due to a scarcity of experienced and good quality faculties.
  • It is expensive to have a program of Bilingual Education.
  • It also makes sense that without learning several languages for communicating, if a student learns just one common language that can as well help him to communicate.

On one hand Bilingual Education can create students knowing different languages, while on the other hand it can also make ignorant students who might have a little knowledge about everything but lack the best knowledge of all. Therefore as bilingual education has both positive and negative affects it is however up to parents as to what kind of education they prefer to be best for the overall development of their children.

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