Easy English to Spanish Translation & Vice Versa!

If you are a child or a parent looking for translation services either for school projects or if you are a non English speaking person, you must be finding it so difficult to seek solutions.

Stop worrying as translating anything from English to Spanish or Spanish to English at EST is a cake walk, what with the effortless way in which it can be used and the best part is that it is FREE!

There is a big box in which you can type whatever you want translated, click on the ‘translate’ button and voila you have it all in Spanish or English, in a matter of seconds!

For instance of you want a Spanish translation of the word ‘hello’, all you need to do is type ‘hello’ in the box given and click on the ‘translate’ key to get instant translation saying ‘hola’ in Spanish.

There is even a ‘listen’ button which appears right after you type your words or sentences that lets you listen to what ever is translated. This is especially helpful when you are newly learning the language and want to know how the translated words are pronounced and spoken.

There is also a Google search bar in the header area, along with Google Español and Images tabs to help you in your Google search after your translation. In the footer area there is a ‘Recently translated’ tab where you can see all the words, phrases or sentences that were freshly translated.

In fact EST is far more uncomplicated and easy to use than even ‘Google Translate’ where there are 6 steps for translation when compared to EST where there are only 2 steps.

A clean user interface and large buttons help you use the site very easily even if you are a first time user. This is what makes EST an ideal choice for all your English to Spanish and Spanish to English translation needs.


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