Child Friendly and Educational Websites for Kids

It is a reality today that kids are proficient with a computer mouse before they can string together a coherent sentence. They are web familiar, tech savvy and clued into gadgets in the way that many adults can never hope to be.

Take for example the fact that your 7 year old probably has the intricacies of your cell phone figured out way better than you, and that all the high scores for your phone’s video game probably were made by her.

So since kids are that clued into technology anyway, and want to be online, it makes sense to let them access age appropriate material that will help to educate a child and increase skills while at the same time providing entertainment.

One excellent website for kids is Cbeebies; which is the children’s section of the BBC’s programming and broadcasting.

It is an excellent TV channel for kids as well since the programming is informative, child friendly and free from commercials. Similarly the website contains a lot of fun and entertainment for kids.

Kids can enjoy interactive fairy tales that they can hear as well as read, and turn the pages by themselves. Other stories that the kids can watch and songs that the children can sing along with keep the children engaged even if they are of preschool age and cannot yet read.

They can play games that improve eye hand coordination and keep themselves interested at the same time. A child’s creativity also gets a boost with games that permit the child to draw, color and decorate and then save their masterpieces.

There is also a lot of printable material that can be printed and then colored and so on. And all of this becomes even more interesting since the characters used in the games are familiar characters such as Bob the Builder and the Teletubbies and so on.

Another excellent website for kids is Discovery Kids.  Kids love the jigsaws and they can access food puzzles, wild animal puzzles, cool places puzzles, space puzzles, emergency vehicle puzzles and so on while they play the learn about a whole lot of stuff.

The website has craft activities, where the child gets step by step instructions to make things and even answers to interesting questions such as “Are bats really blind” or “are alligators really dinosaurs” and a host of others.

So websites such as these two above may just be the thing that parents and kids agree on.


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