Importance of Teaching And Learning Process For Good Child Education!

In child education, reading is one of the important steps.

It is important to make your child learn to read for good child education.

Child education starts when your child is in infant stage.

You will talk to your child, play with your child and make him/her learn the things.

Child learning process! Therefore, the process of learning and process of teaching starts before your child enters the school. After few months of birth, your child starts to differentiate the pictures, words and human beings.Child Education

You can start child education then only and try to show different picture books and when your child points to various objects in the book, you can tell the name of the picture.

This makes your child brain ready to learn and remember the things. When your child crosses the infant stage and enters into toddler stage, they try to recognize the words that are easy to spell. When your child begins to identify words, you have to encourage towards child education process.

Reading stories! Start reading stories to your child and while reading, point to the words and ask your child to identify them. You can also ask them to read the lines and assist your child in reading.

Spell the letters and words and ask them to repeat. Children always will be interested in listening to stories, so you can start the teaching process with story reading. (Ways to Teach a Child to Read)

Repetition! Most of the times, you have to go back and read the same pages again and again to allow your child get an idea of how words sound and look on the page.

Repeating the pages for making your child understand is the key step in child education. Therefore, you have to take sometime daily to read something to your child.

Conduct a quiz! Once your child identifies the pictures and words in the book, you can conduct a quiz on some of the pictures and words. Show the picture and ask him/her what it is.

Give a word and ask the meaning of the word. If your child succeeds in the quiz, reward him/her. Rewarding makes your child learn with interest and enthusiasm and it also helps to develop their skills.

Be attentive! When your child starts to read, he/she makes mistakes in the beginning. Sometimes, the language cannot be understood.

Many parents do not pay attention at this time. But, this is wrong. You have to show interest when your child is reading and help him/her to correct the words and sentences.

Develop interest! Developing interest in your child is part of child education. Always reading may be boring for your child. Give your child paper and pencil so that he will try to write. Start the writing process with his name. Children will be always interested to learn to write their name.

When you start child education process before they enter into school, they will not show hatredness towards going to school. After coming from school, your child tries to tell whatever they learnt on that day. You have to listen to him. This makes your child to love the learning process.


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