Parent Involvement In Child Education! Is It Important?

Your child life is enriched when you spend time with him.

Spending time with your child creates a bond between you and your child.

The bond is not just for the moment but throughout the life.

Every moment spent with your child is an opportunity for both of you to grow, learn and reinforce your values.

Are you feeling that you are not spending enough time with your child? Are you feeling that work and responsibilities have taken over your life?Parent Involvement

Parent involvement is necessary to spend time with your kids. Parent involvement means involvement of parent in child activities to get closer to the child.

Volunteer! Parent involvement can be volunteering at child’s school for an afternoon to help you get back on track. It is not easy job. You need to plan. Talk to your child about your plan.

Some children will be excited that mom and dad want to help out. Some children are comfortable when parent involvement sticks to parent teacher conferences and family nights.

More schools are willing to introduce a volunteer requirement as part of their important programs. Parent involvement is directly attached to student performance and schools are encouraging this method.

Parents go to volunteer to spend extra time with their children or become acquainted with teachers and classmates. Some parents want to help improve opportunities for education, some want to become knowledgeable about teaching methods and some want to familiarize themselves.

Your child feels that education is more important because of parent involvement. They think that as you are spending your time in volunteering, the whole school thing is important.

This thinking can cause amazing changes in motivation of your child. You can discuss the class work and regular schedule with child’s teacher.

Parent involvement in child’s education:

  • Parent involvement in child’s education mean
  • Checking the child’s homework everyday.
  • Reading to your child and teaching your child to read.
  • Discussing your child’s progress and improvement with the teachers.
  • Helping in your child’s school to set challenging academic standards.
  • Limiting your child to watch television.

Why parent involvement is important in child education?

  • When parent is involved in child’s education at home and school, child perform better in school.
  • When children and parents talk more about education and school, children perform better academically.
  • If a parent involvement begins earlier in child’s education, the effects will be more powerful.
  • Positive results of parent involvement include improved child achievement, improved behavior, improved confidence and reduced absenteeism.
  • Parent involvement associated with actively organizing and monitoring a child’s time, discussing school matters and helping with homework results in higher achievement in studies of your child.


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