Parents’ Questions For Back To School – Part 1

It is natural to have a host of questions, before your child starts school, questions for the students as well as the parents. The most common back to school questions according to Web MD are:

  1. How can I lessen anxiety about starting school for my child? Establish bedtimes well in advance of school starting. Do a survey of the school beforehand to familiarize the child. Any allergies or chronic conditions that a child has, should be conveyed to the school nurse in advance so that special care can be taken and specific remedies administered. If vaccines have to be given, relieve the child’s anxiety about them by explaining their importance.
  2. How do illnesses spread in school? Respiratory droplets are what spread colds and flu infections. Not covering the mouth and nose while sneezing, touching door knobs, etc, can cause infection to spread.
  3. How can a child be prevented from picking up illnesses at school? Educate children about the importance of washing hands before eating, after using the restroom as well as after playing outdoors. Proper sneeze etiquette and the importance of using an antibacterial gel should also be explained. It is also recommended that children be given a flu vaccine, for their own protection as well as that of others.


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