7 Things to Take Care of Before You Enroll Your Child in a School

One of the most important decisions that you will ever make as a parent is selecting a school to enroll your kids at. Your decision will make or break your child’s life. Either you put your child on a path where he is going to gain knowledge for a lifetime and get into a good college and carve itself a great career or you put them on a path where they end up in a mediocre college with no career ahead.

So how do you know that the school you are enrolling your kid at is good enough for your kid’s future? Here are a few tips that you need to take care of which can help you make the right choice.

7 Things to Take Care of Before You Enroll Your Child in a School

1. Choosing a pre-school

Choosing a pre-school is the first step towards building a personality of your child. Your child’s pre-school decides many things like their personal development, early growth, pre-school learning and much more. The first and primary thing to take care of while enrolling your kid is to make sure that teachers provide a friendly and homely environment for learning. The relationship between a kids and teacher must be progressive and interactive.

2. Easy learning

Instead of focusing on math problems and calculations, your child must learn words as much as possible. Building a vocabulary is very important during early stages of your child’s schooling because it is an age during which they learn and catch things at a fast pace. Their classroom programs must schedule a visit to the library every once in a while so that kids can cultivate the habit of reading during the early stages itself.

3. Introduction to math

After pre-school children must be taught math because it is not a subject to be learnt in a day. Kids need to be quick with calculations, not just in school but also in real life and must be exposed to math as soon as they go a level above their pre-school.

4. Not giving much weightage to standardized tests

Make sure that the school is more focused on making your child learn and cultivate the concepts instead of focusing on marks. Cramming up of concepts is not beneficial for anyone and can harm your child’s future.

5. No compromise with lunch times

A school curriculum without a break is absurd. Make sure that lunch and breakfast periods are included in the daily routine and your kid is not returning home hungry and starved.

6. All work and no play makes jack a dull boy

No matter how good academics a school has it is not good enough if your child is not learning to be creative. A school curriculum must be so prepared, such that it makes your child more creative and their mind more developed.

7. Safety and transport

Another aspect to look for in a school is, if it is convenient for your child to go there or not. There’s no point in sending your child off to a school which is 30 minutes from your place and the kid is coming back home all exhausted. Also make sure that the school is well guarded and the child is learning in a safe and secure environment.


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