School Psychologists and the Problems They Face

School psychologists deal with everyone and everything as a part of their jobs, though most don’t realize the problems they face. Budget cuts and poor prioritization result in them being under-funded and overworked. Bureaucracy intended to keep things neutral and fair ends up being oppressive.

Counselors and psychologists spend more time giving tests, filling out paperwork and going to meetings about changes to IEP or discipline than counseling students and making diagnoses. The fact that they are assigned to far more students than is feasible to service mean many kids fall through the cracks.

The school psychologist is then left with the “burning platforms”, the urgent crises like suicide attempts, acts of violence and the parent begging for a change in the IEP. They don’t have time to spend with the student with worsening depression, signs of psychosis or challenging family problems. Click here to read a great infographic that explains these issues and their root causes.

Infographic by:

Types of Phonological Processes2



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