7 Ways to Encourage your Child to go to School

It’s obvious for most kids to not want to go to school or show disinterest in going to school, especially in the first few years of schooling.  There could be many reasons for this like the fact they are being bullied at school or they feel under confident about interacting with teachers and other students.

But it is your duty to encourage your child to go to school and develop in him/her a liking for school. The following are the 7 most effective ways to encourage a child to go to school:

ways to encourage your child to go to school

  1. Tell them that school is fun-tell your child that school is a fun place and not one which he should be scared of.  Remind them that school is where they will get to meet their friends and school just takes a few hours of the day. You can also narrate your own fun stories of school to help them develop a liking.
  2.  Tell them how successful they can be-tell your child that only by going to school will he be able to become a pilot or a doctor or whatever he wishes to become when he grows up.
  3. Reward them on attending school regularly-another way to encourage your child to go to school regularly is by rewarding him for attending school regularly. This will initially act like a motivation and will then develop into healthy habit.
  4. Buy them cool school supplies-a cool lunch box, a colorful bag or an attractive pencil box are a few things which can encourage your little one to go to school so make sure you buy them a cool thing every now and then.
  5. Buy them nice looking clothes-you can also encourage a child to go to school by buying some nice pair of new clothes for school. This will get them excited about waking up each morning and wanting to go to school.
  6. Drive them off once in a while-many children are wary of traveling in school buses or other modes of vehicle so make sure you drive them off on your own every once in a while to keep the motivation going.
  7. Tell them about the benefits of attending school-if you sit and explain the various benefits of going to school to your child then he/she may actually understand and may want to go to school regularly.

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