5 Common Paediatric Dental Issues Parents Should Look Out for

Effective oral care and maintenance of hygiene is vital in order to keep your child’s teeth healthy and avoid oral problems during adulthood. It is a difficult task for parents to get their kids to take care of their teeth and gums as kids often refuse to brush their teeth regularly and develop other oral hygiene habits.

There are a lot of pediatric dental issues which parents commonly deal with. Below given are the 5 common pediatric dental issues which you should look out for as parents so that your child does not suffer from serious dental problems and timely treatment can be taken in order to cure the problems.

paediatric dental issues

1. Cavities

Cavities in teeth is the most common problem in kids. This happens when the food particles get deposited on the teeth. When kids do not brush their teeth regularly, cavities develop as teeth start decaying. Hence, to avoid this, development of regular habits of cleaning teeth properly is very important. If the Cavities get very deep into the teeth, getting a root canal or filling treatment done is very important. Hence, once you start noticing cavities on your child’s teeth, visit the paediatric dentist

2. Gum Bleeding

Gum bleeding is another very common problem which can happen to children from a very young age. Gums can bleed when they become soft and very sensitive. Children often eat fruits or other solid foods like chips and candies and notice blood coming out of their gums. Timely treatment is required in order to get gum bleeding cured and to avoid excessive pain.

3. Tooth Ache

Children complaining about toothache are very common. When your child does this, you should immediately seek help of your pediatric dentist and get to know the real reason behind the tooth ache so that your child does not have to suffer a lot from the pain. There can be many reasons like decayed teeth, sensitivity, gum problems or excessive sweet consumption which can lead to tooth ache and hence, you should take steps towards maintaining the food habits and oral hygiene habits of your child.

4. Irregular Growth of Teeth

When your child starts losing his milk teeth and starts growing permanent teeth, you should take care and observe the way the teeth are growing. Many a times, the teeth grow in crooked shapes and weird sizes and this needs to be fixed by seeking further treatment like bridges and braces. Make sure that this is done within time so that your child can have a beautiful smile during adulthood.

5. Falling of Permanent Teeth

This is another very common issue which parents should look out for. Children are physically active and keep playing and getting themselves hurt. During this, they sometimes even knock out their tooth completely or break it. When this happens, implants or crown fittings can be done so that your kids do not have a bad-looking smile which disturbs their confidence. Timely fittings of implants are important so that the kids can have a smile they deserve.


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