Energy Drinks Are Dangerous For Children

According to a recent report published in the Canadian Medical Journal, the supposed Energy Drinks are actually dangerous for children.

The so called ‘energy drinks’ that are marketed with children in mind are actually highly caffeinated and are unhealthy for children as well as adults.

They provide large amounts of caffeine in a short time and by consuming only small amounts of the beverage.

The contents of a quarter liter bottle of soda and a commonly available ‘energy shot’ were compared, whereas the former contained 56 mg of caffeine, the latter had a whopping 200 mg of caffeine.  This excess consumption of caffeine can result in sleeplessness, irritability, and even increased heart rate.

As of now there is no warning label for these energy drinks or information about the potential dangers of consuming the product. It has been proposed that proper information should at least be put on the labels of the products to enable consumers to make properly informed choices; so that parents could understand the risks and decide for themselves whether the risk of energy drinks is worth taking.

This is in particular view of the fact that most of these energy drinks are marketed in a way that they are aimed at children and young adults.


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