Neuroblastoma in Children Symptoms

The parents looking for information regarding neuroblastoma in children symptoms ought to know that problems arise if the neuroblasts grow and divide beyond control instead of forming healthy nerve cells. The truth is that the exact cause of the problem is yet unknown.

Neuroblastoma in Children Symptoms

Information about the Symptoms of Neuroblastoma in Children

The effects of the condition vary according to the location of the tumor and according to how fast it grows and reaches other organs. Usually the first symptoms of the condition are vague and they could include fatigue, irritability, fever, and lack of appetite.

Problems with Diagnosing the Neuroblastoma Signs in Children

Since the signs are so vague and since they mimic other conditions which are common during childhood, it is quite difficult to correctly diagnose the problem. In case of young children the problem is commonly found when a doctor or a parent discovers an abnormal lump.

The Tumor

When it comes to the neuroblastoma in children symptoms, parents should know that the lump usually appears in the abdomen, but it can also form in the chest, neck, or other body part.

Normally the symptoms of the condition are caused by the fact that the lump is pressing against the nearby tissues as it spreads to other organs.

What to Expect?

If you are thinking about the children’s neuroblastoma signs keep in mind that the symptoms vary according to the location of the tumor and the speed of its growth.

It is possible for the child to have a swollen stomach, lack of appetite, and pain in the abdomen in case the tumor is located in the abdomen.

Other Neuroblastoma Symptoms

If the tumor affects the bones, children could experience pain in the bones or soreness, bruises, pale skin and black eyes. The spinal cord can also be affected by the tumor and if this is the case, it is common to notice numbness, weakness, problems with walking or with moving given body parts.

The tumor can also be in the neck, and in this case the warning signs of kids’ neuroblastoma involve unequal pupils, drooping eyelid, red skin, all pointing towards nerve damage. This condition is also called Horner syndrome. In case the tumor affects the chest, the child can have difficulties breathing.

It is important for the parents and caregivers to keep an eye out for the neuroblastoma in childrensymptoms to recognize the early signs.


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