Problems Obese Kids Have with Weight Loss and How Parents Can Help

Portion control and cutting carbs are known to be effective for weight loss, but controlling carbs can be difficult for obese kids found a new study. However, another study suggests workable solutions for parents who want to help their kids lose weight.

Cutting carbs is difficult for obese kids

Controlling intake of foods such as those made from refined flour, bread, potatoes and so on, which have high amounts of refined carbs is known to be effective for weight loss in adults as well as in kids. A study examined how well portion control and low glycemic (low carbs) worked to help kids lose weight.

cutting-carbWhile both protocols were found to be equally effective in helping with weight loss, having a low carbs diet was more difficult to stick with.

According to Shelley Kirk, Heart Institute at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, a low carbs diet is challenging for kids to follow.

Any parent who has tried to help a child lose weight will know that this is a tough road to hoe.

You have to struggle to get the child motivated enough to stick to a plan, so self-regulation may be even more difficult.

A child may not see any incentive in giving up cakes, cookies, ice cream, etc. and may resent it if parents restrict access.

How parents can help kids lose weight

However, a new study has a solution that many families could use: parents dropping pounds could help their kids lose weight according to new research. Parents may be careful how they shop and how they stock their fridge; adopt different parenting styles to help kids lose weight.

However, Californian researchers found that parents’ own weight loss was the single most effective contributor for successful weight loss for kids.

Not only are parents the most important teachers in a child’s life, they represent a child’s closest immediate environment. It is a matter of parents being role models and setting an example to kids which they can then emulate.

Of course, this is not the only thing parents can do. If parents are of a healthy weight and do not need to lose weight themselves, they could make practical changes in a child’s life to help them lose weight: changing the food environment at home to include more healthy home cooked meals, involving kids in more sport and physical activities will also help.


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