Recognizing Signs Of Autism In Children

Most children with autism show signs in the early stages of infancy.

Very few little ones develop normally for the first few years of life and can be suddenly withdrawn.

Recognizing the signs in the early stages and getting right treatment is most important part of parenting your child.

Though it is very hard to recognize the signs of autism in children, it is not impossible. Here are a few tips for you to make your task easier:

Check whether your kid is having any difficulty in expressing his emotions or feelings, as this is the most common problem faced by autistic children.

Evaluate your kid’s speaking ability and check whether he is having any problem in speaking common words. However, it is not possible for any kid to speak properly in initial stages, but if he is not able to speak common words in first 16 months, then it can be due to autism.

Children with autism become disturbed and irritated even with slightest change in their regular routine or rituals. So, if your child has the same problem, consult your kid’s personal doctor for immediate help.

Signs and symptoms of autism may increase with the severity of the condition. These are only few clues for you to identify autism in your child.

Consult your personal doctor and know more about other warning signs to help your child in early stages.


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